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by Jason Caligiore


Organizing has always been a difficult thing for me especially when it comes to my business. I run a popular restaurant. With this restaurant comes a big staff, a lot of customers, and crazy schedules. Organizing all of this has been nearly impossible for me. I have even resorted to hiring someone specifically for organization and employee management however I found it a waste of money. Switching over to the Clover® POS system with the help of a  Clover Application saved me from all of that. Thanks to its Homebase app, I can keep every aspect of my business organized more efficiently than I ever could before.

Time and Schedules

Having our timesheet available online, through this clover application, has been an immense help for my employees. Now, everyone can see their shifts and breaks with ease, checking all of this information right from the app. I do not have to worry about employees repeatedly calling, wondering about their hours or requesting shift switches. It is all right there for them to see and manage for themselves.

This has made scheduling easier for me also. I can create and send out our monthly schedule right from the app. Employees can see their schedules and have access to all of this information right at their fingertips. If they need to switch shifts, the app allows them to release a shift and have it be picked up by another employee. It has made my life easier, cut costs and overall helped my business to grow. Since I spend less time worrying about scheduling my employees, I have time to focus my attention on other things to further my business.

Another benefit of the Homebase clover application is it is possible for employees to see their pay and hours they’ve completed. Beyond payroll management, the app offers, having access to pay information has helped employees to manage their finances and times better. It has helped everyone at my restaurant to succeed.



For my employees, alerts within the app have kept them on track. I have had employees on-time more often as well as fewer missed shifts. The alerts have saved me, and the employees, on numerous occasions.

On my end, I can tell when people miss shifts or go into overtime and can set up alerts. I can also see geographically, on a map, where my employees have clocked in and out to avoid any false hours.  Homebase has made it easier for me to track these things and manage any problems that arise.

This has all made the Clover POS system the best thing for my business, easily. It has given me features and organization I did not know I could have.

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