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by Jason Caligiore


“Social Media Marketing is easy. Post a few times a week, like some comments, and let people know about our products”.

Our clients before our services

Maintaining a strong social presence requires so much work. It’s a business in itself! Monitoring accounts, engaging with your audience, running ad campaigns off of keyword, competitor, and trend research, maintaining email databases, etc…the list could go on.

Cobalt Media has a track record of pristine social media management with our clients. Companies will come to us with website development services, and realize that in order for their audience to grow, get more exposure, and maintain relationships with customers….they’re social media needs work! Why build a beautiful website when no one is going to see it except through a search engine – you’re not helping yourself with the opportunity you have!

Cobalt Media has a multitude of specialties. We’ve established successful, engaging, and profitable social media accounts for different industries all across the board. Social media is now the top way customers are coming to sites! When people find authentic businesses with entertaining and updated social accounts, a relationship is formed.

Below are some social media services we offer our clients. Scroll through, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our marketing team here!


  • Facebook Business Page + 3 other social media sites
  • Sharing new content daily
  • Monitoring accounts
  • Engaging with the audience

Become more profitable, more authentic, and more engaged with your audience. Cobalt Media will do all the work for you. We’ll send you monthly presentations on the progress we’ve made within the previous month – proving that our social services are worth it.


  • Advertisements via Instagram, Facebook or Google AdwordsPer Month

What outlet produces the best results for your business? Cobalt Media is known for its’ A/B testing. A/B testing is when hundreds of different ad versions are created, targeted to different people, different locations, and sent out to different audiences. The best performing ad will be continued. Get valuable insight from our back-end software.


  • Setting Up Your MailChimp account
  • Email Template Selection
  • Designing & Monitor Monthly Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Maintaining Your Customer Email Database

Along with social accounts, email marketing is another big player in digital marketing. With email marketing you can get specific on what is working for your products, sales from your own clients! Build a relationship and offer exclusive deals for those within your email database. Effective email marketing has been proven to boost customer engagement as well as customer relationships.


Develop articles that build brand SEO and audience engagement

What we’ve found with our clients there is a lack of SEO content within their site and social accounts. Motivational quote posts and selling your services don’t do it anymore. If you’re wondering why your business isn’t doing as well as it could be, this might be for you. As soon as you build up your SEO and relatable content associated with your brand, we promise you, sales will go up. Cobalt Media will create original, professional blogs no matter what industry you’re in. Our professional writers are efficient and ready to do as much research as needed to create amazing content for your business.

Not sure where to start? Contact us with your business information and we’ll look into your social accounts, your website, and more, and contact you shortly with noticeable improvements that should be made.

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