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by Jason Caligiore


I’ve wanted to start up my own salon for years. However, it didn’t take long after it was up and running to realize that having the right POS system is key to operating a successful business. My Clover® device took a huge weight off my shoulders especially with all the salon applications I can use. First off, Clover is more interactive. You can flip the screen to your customers. The system lets them choose what type of receipt they want, and even send them emails and text messages. I pride myself on having great relationships with my customers – having a POS system that supports that is encouraging.

Another amazing aspect of Clover is the fact that it’s easy to learn. As a salon, we have a lot of beauty school interns come in looking for experience. Usually, trying to teach every new intern the technical side of the business is very taxing and time-consuming. However, I’ve never had an issue when it came to teaching them how to use our Clover system.

Knowing they have a good understanding of how it works, I feel comfortable letting them take over the front desk. This not only helps me out, but it’s also a great experience for them. Going along with its ease-of-use, its accessibility was another major selling point for me. It’s always stressful leaving your business, whether it be because you go on vacation, or because you take a day off. Being able to access my business and the salon applications no matter where I am, using my phone or my iPad, gives me peace of mind.

The Appointment Pro App

A big point I want to touch upon is the apps you can put on these systems. Cobalt Payments not only provided me with my system but introduced me to the wide range of apps you can customize your device with.  I’ve downloaded the Appointments Pro app – as it was a personalized app perfect for running a salon. It’s allowed me to view customer appointments by day, week, or month, manage employee calendars with available hours, check customers in for appointments, and send customers reminders. The app is integrated with Google Calendar, which many of my employees and customers are already familiar with. All appointments can be viewed through Google Calendar directly. Employees are able to see their upcoming schedules, and customers are able to see their appointments through their own calendars.

With Clover, it does the hard work for you. Running a salon with a Clover POS allows you to increase your income, build customer relationships, and manage your staff as effectively and smoothly as possible.

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