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by Jason Caligiore


The auto industry is one of the most competitive industries. Which means in today’s digital age each and every automotive business needs to make a strong mark on the industry in order to stay relevant. The internet has opened up a new era for the average car shopper. Buyers can find all the information they need about a car online before stepping foot onto a dealership. So how do you make your business the first stop when potential buyers start their car search? Well, we have four marketing tips you need when you are in the auto industry.

Develop a Website

Your business could essentially not exist if you don’t have a website. In the media age, your website is the front of your business and will make your first impression for thousands of people. Your website needs to be able to manage your inventory, create bookings, and help you build your brand. Any sort of information should be present in the content of your website so you can build a relationship with your possible customers. 

Manage Your Reputation

Your online presence should match your reputation. Online customers review your business everywhere they can find you whether it is on Google, Yelp, or the official Better Business Bureau site. If you receive positive feedback, respond to your automotive customers and let them know how much you appreciate it. If the review is negative try to rectify the issue as best you can, the customer will appreciate your effort to make a wrong situation right. 

Master Your SEO

Using the right keywords can mean everything to your advertising. When a potential customer goes online, the right keywords in your SEO ads can lead them to your business like a funnel. The keywords that will work best for the auto industry’s marketing can vary based on services and products, but Cobalt Media is skilled with all types of industry research so your website and ads will have the highest ranking keywords from the start. 

Target The Right Audience

Auto dealerships cover a wide range of demographics but not everyone responds to the same type of media. If you are just starting out with your marketing, it could benefit you greatly to test out multiple types of advertising platforms and demographics to find the right audiences for future campaigns. When creating your campaigns you should track as much of your data as possible so you can turn it into more and more conversions. 

While these are great tips for an automotive business owner, you don’t always have the time and resources to manage all the steps that come with online marketing. If you need more help with managing your online marketing reach out to us. Our team wants to help build you the perfect plan for all your business needs. You won’t find a more effective solution than the one Cobalt Media can provide. 

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