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by Jason Caligiore


To start off, let me just say that I run a food truck in a major city. Although food trucks are growing in popularity, the payment processing industry has struggled to create mobile solutions for businesses like mine. I have to find systems that work on the go, but also allow me to accept all types of payments. Finding something that does this, and does it well, has been nearly impossible. I have tried a lot of different systems in my time, and many of them could not meet expectations and demand. Fortunately, I found the Clover® Flex and it has been the best thing for my business. Therefore, I decided to write this in hopes that other struggling in the food truck industry or mobile businesses can get relief as well. This POS system gives me what others simply could not and continually goes beyond anything I could expect.

The Basics

The merchant services, on a basic level, are everything I need. It works and it does the job well. This is what I would expect, though. I expect my processing system to meet customer demands and to do the job without hiccups. Wherever I am in the city, it should work flawlessly. Having something meet those expectations consistently is always a pleasure. Clover Flex certainly is not the only one able to do this, but it has become one of my favorites, but that is for a variety of reasons.

Apps and Features

What makes Clover stand out is not its consistent, reliable usage. That, again, is what I expect of any payment processing system. What makes it stand out is the applications and features that are available. I can download apps that add more features, usability, and options. Even with this one addition, this POS system is more customizable than most others I’ve tried.

With these apps, I have been able to track sales in different areas, learn more about my customers, and better manage the business as a whole. It is my entire business plan in a single service, essentially. This entire process helps me get ahead of my competition in the food truck industry.


Obviously, an essential requirement for me is a POS system that can go mobile. I cannot use the standard, and traditional form of payment processing, not in the food truck industry. Having used a variety of mobile apps in the past, I can say for certain that the Clover Flex has been the best, for me personally. Usability, user-friendly design, features, and everything I need are here. I can manage it all right from my phone.

For me, nothing beats Clover. It has gone above and beyond, giving me everything I have always wanted in this type of service and more. It allows me to run my business better than I ever could before in the food truck industry.

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