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by Jason Caligiore


Remember: your e-commerce business is a real business. It deserves the same level of respect and integrity as any legitimate business. It also requires as much time and effort as a physical business. If you’re just starting out, check out Nexcess blog’s post on the advantages of choosing WooCommerce as your platform, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice on setting up your online store. If your business needs a boost, take our suggestions to completely flip the way you do eCommerce.

Value vs. Sales

In your marketing, language and general mindset, center your business on giving value instead of getting profit. Step outside your perspective and adopt a consumer’s point of view. What do they get from your business, besides your product or services? Promote benefits such as 24/7 customer service, recurring sales, or a wide inventory to pique customers’ interest and increase their loyalty to your brand.

Audience Awareness

You absolutely need to know who your audience is because you need to get on their level. Adopt a voice that communicates to them in a way they are drawn to. Learning their “pain points” will direct your marketing strategies toward addressing their needs. Think about how consumers could be led to your business: they’ve tried other solutions, they seek certain values, and they look for solutions in a certain place. By keeping their experiences in mind, you can skillfully convince them to try your brand.

These frames of mind are essential to strengthening the foundation of your eCommerce business. Your next step is to develop a website and marketing campaigns—which means there’s a lot left to plan and plenty of room for mistakes.

Web Development

Easy Ways to Turn Around Your eCommerce Results

When a customer opens your website, it takes only one click to close it or hit the back button. And they will if it’s easier than deciphering your home page to find out what you’re offering. Your proposition must be clear and upfront. Additionally, organization and streamlined navigation will facilitate the customer’s journey to the shopping cart. Neglecting to order pages, products and information will demand more energy from the consumer, which is a strike against you.

In the same vein, every link on your homepage needs to direct visitors to the correct page. Imagine a physical grocery store: if an aisle labeled “Pasta” brings you to the paper towels, your shopping process will be delayed or even aborted. Again, a properly organized website makes browsing and buying simple, rather than wasting a customer’s time. No matter what you have to offer, your visitors won’t find it if it isn’t easy to do so. Ensure that your site loads quickly and is operable on mobile devices.

Once you’re confident that customers can locate your product, it’s necessary to present your product in the best light possible. Keep in mind that online shoppers cannot interact with your products before purchasing them, so you’re responsible for replicating the experience of what they’re buying. You can accomplish this through a convincing description, detailed but relevant info, and appealing photography from multiple angles.

Content Marketing

Strategies that are targeted to the audience to raise engagement and conversion rates. Irrelevant or complex content and producing too much or too little are common pitfalls in content marketing. You can promote your eCommerce site through social media and email blasts. Hands full doing it all on your own? Investing in content marketing is a smart way to manage all of your digital marketing needs.

Running an online business is complex, and rushing it’s construction and planning will not result in good sales. Once you recognize the areas where your business lacks, you are one step closer to success. Approaching eCommerce with these new tactics will earn you pleased customers that return to your business.

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