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by Jason Caligiore


Instagram is becoming the go-to for gaining customers and reaching your target audience.

Instagram stories let you engage your customers with a more complete message – more than what a single image can provide.

Don’t treat Instagram stories like Snapchat stories. Snapchat is an application meant to be more personal and raw. Don’t overshare on Instagram. Keep it polished, professional, yet fun!

We’ve listed four key ways to use Instagram Stories for your business.

Deliver Special Offers

Give people a reason to not only follow you on Instagram but to stay engaged and updated with your stories! Providing special offers, coupon codes, and even having a giveaway will boost your engagement rate instantly!

Show Off Your Creativity

By now, everyone and their dog has an Instagram account – you need to stay competitive. While there are so many Instagram accounts out there, one thing that is still the biggest differentiator when dealing with Instagram’s success is creativity. Creativity is still appreciated and desired. With that being said, play around! Stay up to date with pop culture and throw that back at your audience. A big part of being creative is being relatable and authentic. Creating relationships with your audience through social media outlets like Instagram stories, Facebook Live, or even creating Twitter threads, give you that added bump of creativity, as well as the competitive advantage you need.

Behind The Scenes

As stated above, being relatable is important. Post videos and pictures behind the scenes! Show the office, your desk, out of office events, etc! Personalizing your brand will never let you down. Giving the audience actual substance will subconsciously make them trust your brand more….and when your brand is trusted, good things happen.

Show Your Staff

Going along with the last note, not only is it important for you to go behind the scenes but feature your company’s staff members, too! Cobalt Media can tell you first hand, when we started to incorporate staff snippets into our Instagram and feature our coworkers, bosses, etc…we got more engagement, more leads, and overall a better quality Instagram!

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How’s your business using Instagram? What did you think of these tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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