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by Jason Caligiore


Friends Out to Dinner

Before switching to Clover®

I found myself running into countless problems. I was losing customers due to painful waits, my system wasn’t compatible with my Android device, and, to be honest, running my business became a chore. That was until I found Clover and the Waitlist Me app.

Since switching to Clover

I’m now empowered to be in control of my business. This POS system is incredible! Not long after setting up my system, I found the Waitlist Me app on my device. It’s been the most reliable, efficient reservation management application that I’ve ever used. It’s 100% compatible with not only my iPad but my Android device as well, unlike my previous system. It allows me to add, remove, and seat parties quickly and easily.

There’s even a simple display of each party’s information, status, and demographics. I can track the age, gender, and size of each group – giving me a better understanding of who my customers are. My staff is able to select certain requests from a table, as well as type in any comments about specific customers. This was a huge help when identifying food allergies, birthdays, and other special occasions. I was now able to give my customers a more personalized, hospitable dining experience.

Another amazing quality that’s now a go-to in my restaurant is the ability to connect with my customers via their phones, letting them know when we’re ready to seat them. Because my location is centered around a shopping plaza, most customers will leave, walk around, shop, and then come back closer to their seating time. With this app, we can now send them notifications letting them know when we’re ready for them. From there, they have the option to either cancel or even postpone their reservation if they’ve gotten caught up shopping. Clover Systems are a must. Once finding Cobalt Payments, they were able to set me up with my Clover device and introduce me to the Waitlist Me app. If you’re looking to increase profitability, accounting, and reporting, this is the way to go.

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