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by Jason Caligiore


I had no problem rising to most of the challenges that come with opening your own restaurant.  Long hours?  Bring it on.  Having to know all the roles so you can fill in for anyone?  Great!  I know my way around a restaurant kitchen and dining room, and I can cook, serve food, and pour drinks like the best of them.  Firing people?  I have no fear of confrontation.  One challenge I was not prepared for in operating my own restaurant was keeping up with all the taxes. Not anymore though, thanks to DAVO Sales Tax Services.

Taxes are a thorn in the side of small business owners everywhere.  Until you open a small business, taxes are something that stresses you out in the first half of April, but they don’t bother you the rest of the year.  With businesses, especially restaurants, there are so many different taxes, and you have to prepare so many reports related to them.  This happens all year long.  For restaurant owners, every day is Tax Day.

Business owners very frequently pay their taxes late because preparing their taxes is so much work.  This is especially true of very small businesses that cannot employ an accountant full time.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were some technology that would automatic the sales tax aspect of running a business?  It would save business owners lots of stress, not to mention money from penalties for paying their taxes late.

An App That Makes Tax Stress Disappear

These days, there is an app for almost everything.  DAVO Sales Tax is an app that collects sales taxes, prepares accounting reports, and files sales taxes for small businesses.  It works with Clover® point of sale devices sold by Cobalt Systems.  You just have to set it up once, and it automates the entire sales tax process, from A to Z.  For a reasonable monthly subscription fee, you can put sales taxes out of your mind entirely.

Features of DAVO Sales Tax

The DAVO Sales Tax automatically sets aside money that your business will need to pay for sales tax.  It gathers information from your point of sale device each day.  Based on that information, it collects the right amount of sales tax and prepares a daily report.  Whenever sales taxes are due, DAVO Sales Tax automatically files the correct tax forms and pays what you owe.  It completely takes care of your sales taxes for you.

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