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by Jason Caligiore


So you’ve finally dove into social media for your business (or are you still not convinced to take the plunge? We know you won’t regret it). You’re eager to rack up those likes and comments, but as soon as your post uploads, it gets lost in the feed and slips through the fingers of your potential customers. How can you break through the noise and bring attention to your brand? Everyone around you is consuming digital content, so you have to make your content worth engaging with. Stop the scrolling and get noticed with the help of these useful tricks for your next marketing campaign.

Goal-Driven Campaigns

Ask: What do I (the brand) want? / What do they (the consumers) want?

Always start by setting measurable and realistic goals. Aiming your campaign towards one or two clear, attainable goals will help frame your content. Define your goals in quantity and time frame, such as “increase likes by x amount within a month”, or “have x number of people respond to our survey in two weeks”. With expectations of specific numbers and a fair level of rationality, you will structure your campaign accordingly and also have an accurate way to evaluate your results. Use these goals to design your campaign.

Keep Up With The Trends

Ask: What do I see? / What do they see?

Staying relevant is key to connecting with the consumer. Keep an eye out for holidays, seasons and popular events that your brand can link to—with fall on the horizon, perhaps your product can make back-to-school shopping a breeze or your company is getting excited about cozy nights in. Find a way into the conversation your audience is already having. Whether the latest craze is a viral video, relatable hashtag or hilarious quote, don’t hesitate to jump on the bandwagon. Remember that the right words can bridge your social media with trending topics and show up in your consumer’s search results.

Make It Fun For Everyone

Ask: What do I want them to do? / What do they want to do?

Your post needs to go somewhere, like a shopping cart, event registration page, or podcast download. Social media is the vehicle to your product, so give the viewer directions. A call to action can appear in so many simple but effective ways: captions like “Tag a friend who needs this”, “Comment below about how this product changed your life” and “Share this with someone you love” prompt immediate engagement. Get the viewer involved! You can also try sharing user-generated content. Photos of happy clients act as visual testimonials that build a sense of community. If your clients are excited about your product, get them on your page! Everyone loves their moment in the spotlight. Add the incentive of a giveaway and make it a contest. You can even ask users to tag you in their posts, which spreads your brand across their followers’ feed. It’s a win-win!

Share Your Message

Ask: Who can I interest in my product? / Where do they find products they’re interested in?

You know your product is amazing, and you don’t need to sell your product to people who already love it. Spread the word! Promote your campaign across all social media channels, create Facebook ads, send out emails, or have Cobalt get the job done for you. There are special advantages to each social platform, and your customers might not all use the same one. Cater your campaign to different networks to get the most traction.

Celebrate Your Success

Creating A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign
Observe and record the quantitative and qualitative results of your marketing campaign.

Ask: What did I gain? / What did they gain?

Before, during and after your campaign, check on your progress toward your goals. You may be surprised by what did and did not work well for you. Don’t forget to ask your followers what they thought of your campaign. Following up with your clients may be time-consuming, but it undoubtedly forms a positive bond and makes them feel connected to your brand. Compare your content with similar brands to determine how you measure up and see how your competitors are connecting with their audiences. Check out Social Media Strategies Summit’s examples of fantastic social media marketing campaigns for inspiration.

Do you have a plan to get more likes? Any ideas on how to engage your consumer? Let us know how your social media is growing! If you’re still adjusting to the digital marketing world, consider our easy-to-follow approach to building your online presence.

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