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by Jason Caligiore


Clover® POS System and the Insight Application

I have had my hands on a lot of different POS systems over the years. I have run a few restaurants, with various different systems at each. While some have been fine, others have been absolute monsters. Dealing with them, especially during a rush, has left me in near tears and panic mode. Every time I switch over to a new POS system, I fear for the worst. It was the same when I began using Clover, but it won me over quickly. What really pushed me over, making this my favorite, is the application called Insights. The insight application has made everything simpler and streamlined for my restaurant. It has saved me money and time in ways I never thought a POS system could.

The Clover POS system has quickly moved its way into my heart. It became the best POS system I have ever used within a week of using it, an impressive feat considering everything out there. This is all thanks to its intuitive design and numerous features, making it easier to manage all areas of my restaurant. What really sold me on Clover, though, was the applications. Applications are where Clover truly shines, as it gives us restaurant owners options we really need. These applications handle everything from payment processing to merchant services to logistics to sales trends and so much more.


The Insight Application

Insights is the application that I use for everything. It includes sales trends, logistics, customer information, and even whether customers are going to your competitors. These features have allowed me to adjust a lot about my business, working with what the customers want and need. It goes beyond anything I could have done if I did not have the application.

This is alongside the powerhouse of features I already get with Clover. Insights complement everything about this POS system perfectly. The payment processing and the Clover POS, alongside these applications, have allowed me to build a better restaurant. The potential that has come out of this application, and the system as a whole, have led to greater profits and growth.

The intuitive design, accessibility, and benefits have made me fall in love with both Clover and Insights. I cannot recommend this enough to restaurant owners. The app itself is highly advanced and the entire system offers things no other system does. It puts the power back in your hands as a restaurant owner, and that is what I truly appreciate about it.

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