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by Jason Caligiore


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I have been in the liquor store business for years now. I am proud of the business that I have built and the community that has come to me for their liquor needs. Through the years, however, there have been some struggles, among these issues was my POS system. I have had various issues with POS systems in the past. Everything from fraud, poor customer service or basic usage failures have made running my business harder than it should be. Finding the Clover® POS system has helped to make every part of my business work better and safer. I am saving money and the results are phenomenal.

Previous POS Systems Vs Clover

In my years of running a liquor store business, I have used numerous types of POS systems. Some have been decent, while others are abysmal. It is frightening the experiences I have had. In some cases, I feared the system would be the downfall of my business. Switching over to Clover POS has saved me from these fears, though. It has been a pleasant, positive experience. With modern features, like the EMV chip reader, I trust this for my business and I know my customers can trust it. It brings the security and usability I have wanted.

That security is what I have loved most. The EMV chip reader is what people expect nowadays. It is the modern standard and, if you do not have it, could hurt your liquor store business significantly. Beyond just being what people expect, it has also been a huge help in fraud prevention. EMV chip readers are the leaders in payment systems because they significantly reduce the risk of fraud, which reduces chargebacks for me. It has saved me a lot of time and money in the short time I have been using it.

Simplicity and Quality

Having that fraud prevention has given me peace of mind and security in my liquor store business. I can focus more heavily on running the business rather than dealing with payment issues. It has lightened my load and lifted the pressure off my shoulders. All of this has been possible while also offering a simple, user-friendly layout and quality I can trust.

Even if a problem should arise with my system or I am unsure how to perform an action, I can easily call up my payment processor, Cobalt Payments and they will figure out the problem for me. This was one of the major benefits of switching to the Clover POS system. With my old systems came awful payment processors who would put me on hold for hours, I dreaded calling every time. It got to the point where I would just ignore any issues I was having simply to avoid calling and getting it fixed. I’m so grateful I found out Cobalt Payments sold Clover POS systems because now I’m able to get their wonderful customer service.

Overall, there is nothing I would suggest more than the Clover POS system, especially if you have a business similar to mine. It has given me the security, usability, and trust that I need out of a payment processing system. It has allowed me to step back and focus on my business – comfortably and freely, away from the pressures and difficulties that once made it hectic.

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