Online sales have soared since table service dining has been suspended. Restaurants have made quick adjustments to stay open with online ordering and curbside pickup. While many have thrived with an eCommerce solution, others have not had as much success as their competitors. Even though an eCommerce site was to be short-term, dozens of restaurant owners plan to continue with the service. This is smart considering digital restaurant sales will make up 54% of all transactions within 5 years. With Covid restrictions slowly being lifted, now is the perfect time to be more strategic about your restaurant’s online presence. When starting your audit here are some questions you might like to ask yourself. 

How Are Your Customers Finding Your Site?

There are a number of ways customers can find your site online. You can list your restaurant with a third-party partner like UberEats and Grubhub or promote your site yourself with your social media accounts. Understanding where your customers are coming from can help you increase conversions. After all, you don’t want to create an ad for Instagram when your customers are finding you on Google. Take the time to look into where your customers are coming from and put the extra effort into giving your eCommerce site a boost when it comes to your site’s reach and visibility. Cobalt Media’s team is trained at finding the very best avenues to get your customers to your website and your brick-and-mortar business. 

Are You Optimizing Your Online Orders?

While it would be nice, not everyone places a $20+ order. Building up a customer’s shopping cart can be extremely difficult with third-party platforms due to additional fees or limitations on how customers can pay for their orders. When doing an audit of your online ordering platform make sure that you are working with a program that is flexible and cost-effective. Ensuring that your eCommerce site is accepting all types of payments is a great way to increase conversions while also keeping in line with any government regulations to help protect your customer’s health. If you are currently working with a third-party app, now might be the time to look into building your own site. This will give you full control of what and when people see what you have to offer without any additional fees. 

When auditing your site you need to consider your customer’s entire journey. How will a customer find your establishment? Can they easily place an order? Is it easy to receive what they ordered? All of these questions need to be considered if you want to make your site as efficient as possible. This is your sign to reach out to the Cobalt Media Marketing team. We can help answer any questions you might have. As well as help you with new online enhancements that can make your business website run better than ever.

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