It seems like every day there is a new big idea or innovation in the service industry. Many of these innovations can benefit your business greatly. It comes down to finding out which services are right for you. The question you always want to ask yourself is, “can this help me meet the high customer service standards of my customers?” A company should always strive to be efficient. and ensure that their customers are getting the best service from start to finish. While there are hundreds of trends out there that can help you provide an amazing service, here are a few social media branding strategies that can be great tools for providing a great service experience. 

Social Media Shopping

When delivering a great service to your customers you need to meet them on their terms. Meaning you need to be where they are and provide the service where they want it. It is time to step away from your online store and explore other popular social channels that your customers spend their time on. Customers have already begun shopping on social media. In the last year, 72% of Instagram users say they have brought products they found on the app. Social media only shows signs of gaining traction. Since consumers are discovering that eCommerce stores aren’t the only place you can make your purchases. 


While Chatbots are new they are quickly becoming one of the foundations for quality customer service. Last year 43% of online shoppers preferred sites that offered communication with a representative while making their purchases. While you might think customers wouldn’t want to work with a robotic customer service system chatbots are actually able to assist with navigating website pages, tracking orders, making reservations, and so much more. Embedding them within your site can help you build a strong line of communication with your customers. 

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Within the past year, there have been dozens of new developments in customer service. Now that customers can leave their opinions all over social media improving the customer relationship with a business is important now more than ever. Take the time to research your business’ audience’s needs and communicate with them directly when you receive criticism or poor review. By building up the line of communication you can strengthen your relationship with your loyal customers as well as build new customers by growing positive word of mouth about your business. 

While these are tools you might not be familiar with, Cobalt Media Marketing has done extensive research on these social media branding strategies and are ready to help you strengthen your business. It is time to improve your business with these service trends. Reach out to us and start a plan for an eCommerce site and secure a long-lasting future for your business.

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