In today’s digital age, not having a website is the equivalent of not having a phone. A lack of an online presence can be bad for your business’s reputation. While your patients can always reach you through the phone, a strong website can be a powerful communication tool to help patients, potential patients, and partnering organizations learn about the most important services of your business. Your current and potential patients are already online looking for answers to their medical questions. So how do you draw them to your website for answers?

Strong Site Speed

If your webpage takes more than three seconds to load you can almost guarantee that your potential patients will back out and go with one of your competitors to fulfill their needs. Today’s average user is looking for instant gratification and isn’t going to wait long if your site is taking too long to load. If your website is running slow, but you are not sure why there are many factors that could be causing the issue. However, with the right team, it can be an easy fix.

Online Booking

It shouldn’t come as a shock that 64% of patients schedule their appointments online. Online bookings on your website can bring your business into the 21st century by allowing you to easily accept online payments and giving your customers the chance to schedule bookings with you 24/7. Overall having an easy-to-use mobile site will show that your business likes to stay up-to-date and that you care about your patient’s user experience. 

Clear Messaging

Your medical practice has a lot to offer. However, many medical practices make the mistake of trying to fit everything about their business onto one page. This leads to a busy site and leaves patients having to search for what they need. A website’s content should be quick and easy to navigate. Give them the key points about your services, like your phone number and what you treat, and leave most of the technical information for when they are in your office. Your main focus should be making it clear what you provide and how to contact you. 

These are only scratching the surface of what your website should be providing to your patients. Is your website hitting these marks? If you want to give your medical practice a website upgrade, reach out to the Cobalt Media team. We are happy to set you up with some of the best website practices to help you improve your business. 

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