I had been running a salon for a couple of years prior to being introduced to the Salon Scheduler App. I discovered the app after I bought my Clover® Station from Cobalt Payments. As they were training me on the device and entering all of my products/services they mentioned the clover salon scheduler. After that first mention, it has been changing the way I do my business ever since.


In other words

Using the app through my Clover Station has not only increased my daily income. In addition, it has also saved me from running extra and unnecessary expenses. The era of customer disappointments is over. For instance, the salons can now streamline appointment booking, prepare and issue invoices, and process payments all in the blink of an eye. Above all, the Clover Salon Scheduler app can meet the needs of any salon, big or small, and due to its provide high-quality organization it eases everyone’s troubles.



for instance

Above all

Some of my favorite features of the clover salon scheduler app are:

  • Unlimited number of text reminders for your customers
  • Online appointment booking for your customers
  • Unlimited number of emails from your employees
  • No cap of employees for your business
  • Online reports that are remotely accessible from any mobile phone, tablet, and computer, etc.
  • Easy-to-use interface with no complicated guide

The Clover Salon Scheduler gives me, as an owner, the full control over my business. Most importantly it puts my services in the free flow of my customers by my employees. A Clover POS Salons handles the ability to manage your entire business from detailed invoicing, extensive back-office reporting or customizable check out in less time.

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