Do you want to appear on the top pages of search results, above your competitors?


At Cobalt Media Marketing, we collaborate with our clients to understand their unique business and marketing goals. Then we create an individualized marketing plan to suit the needs and aspirations of their business to design a website that makes them stand out among competitors. However, no matter how amazing we make your website, without proper SEO, no one would see it.

First off, what exactly is SEO? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process of making websites much easier to locate when looking up something through a search engine (ie. Google) based on relevant and targeted keywords. This is accomplished by multiple processes that involve optimizing both external and internal factors of a website.

Cobalt Media has all your SEO solutions, as it’s a taxing, dynamic, and timely process. We create search engine solutions and strategies to specifically improve your website’s position. Cobalt’s goal is to improve the quality of traffic coming to your website. We go above and beyond and ensure that your website has the proper design in order to make website visitors take action. Our SEO Solutions have a positive impact on your company’s goals and profits.


On-Page SEO 

Optimize each of your individual pages, whether it be blog posts, product pages, or your homepage. Rank higher in search engines, increase traffic and drive conversions. 

Keyword Analysis

Assess and utilize the top keywords for your specific industry,  incorporating them into your SEO, pages, posts, and more. 

Google Search Console

We’ll monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results. We cover everything from fetching and indexing to sitemap generation.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates can be attained if desired. A secure connection will be installed on your webserver to authenticate the identity of your site and encrypt the data that’s being transmitted. This puts your customers at ease and increases conversions.

Google Ranking Factor Updates 

Google’s rank factors update and change over time. We’ll make sure to update and renovate as needed to keep your site in tune with Google’s standards. 

Google My Business

We’ve seen too many clients come in with completely non-searchable websites. We’ll make sure you’re set up with an accurate Google My Business account so you show up first when a client’s search for information about your business. 


Get both internal and external backlinks leading to your website. Allow new individuals to discover your business through external links, as well as get current site viewers staying on your website longer with internal links.

 Site Audits

Have continuous monitoring of your site’s health. Ensure there’s no 404 errors, bad links, or plugin updates. Have the fastest, most efficient site at all times. 


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